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Partial Scholarships for Indonesian Students, London School of Commerce, UK

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London School of Commerce (LSC) is the associate college of Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU), a British reputable university providing internationally recognised degrees. As the associate college of the university, all degrees from LSC are awarded by CMU. LSC is fully accredited by the ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges) and is a member of Education United Kingdom as well as one of the very first institutions in the UK to receive the UK Border Tier 4 status as ‘Highly Trusted’. LSC has approximately 7,000 students from 130 countries.
LSC has a mission of providing cost-effective education by giving a high quality standard of teaching from an internationally recognised university in the UK without the need to spend a large amount of money and time. At the moment, LSC is offering partial scholarships to 20 Indonesian nationals per intake. The enrolment at LSC group’s global campuses is conducted 3 times a year, giving the students flexibility of joining the programmes at the most convenient time.
There are many benefits of studying in LSC, all the lecturers are highly qualified and many of them are the authors of the textbooks and journals that will be used in the students’ study. Moreover, not only the students’ English language capability will increase, but also gives opportunities to interact with other international students to enlarge the students’ network.
The partial scholarship program is open to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate studies. The scholarship offers an up to 45{edf652f1998aecc4f1a74364e8ff1ee0c45918b055a9e8dccc813698d07c5000} cut of the tuition fee and does not include the living cost as well as other expenses.
PT Multi Energi Selaras is the representative of London School of Commerce in Indonesia to recruit and help students to successfully further their studies in all LSC’s campuses globally. As the representative, we do not charge any consultation fee or any kind of fee regarding the students’ application to university.
Undergraduate Courses
BA (Hons) Business Studies
The BA (Hons) Business Studies Programme is designed to prepare students for entry level employment and future managerial positions in a variety of commercial, industrial and service organisations.
BSc (Hons) Computing
This undergraduate programme will introduce you to various areas of computer applications including latest developments in the Information Technology industry. Increasingly, employers see a computing qualification as a sign of a well-rounded ?academic background. ?Fast growing computing technology and information systems have become critical components of almost every enterprise. Companies want to recruit expert professionals who can apply computer science principles, whilst simultaneously demonstrating business knowledge and application proficiency. The principle aim of the programme is therefore to endow you with the knowledge, skills and potential to embark on a career involving computer applications in the international environment.
BSc (Hons) Accounting (conducted at LSC’s division of SBL)
Professionals with degrees in Accounting are?in greater demand than ever, as companies of?all sizes are scrutinised by a larger number of stakeholders. The competitive pressures and new markets in the global economy require expertise in traditional accounting as well as the knowledge and foresight to help companies adapt to change and capitalise on opportunities. ?Medium forecasts through the next decade indicate that this demand for accountants will continue to grow faster than the national average for most other occupations. Greater regulatory pressure and substantial fluctuations in the economy will help create steady demand for those with extensive accounting training from accredited programmes.
The partial scholarship recipient will be given a 45{edf652f1998aecc4f1a74364e8ff1ee0c45918b055a9e8dccc813698d07c5000} cut of the tuition fee. Thus the whole tuition fee will only be £6,950 for the whole 2 years duration of accelerated undergraduate studies.
Degree Foundation: £1,000 for students who do not meet the general requirement of direct entry to Undergraduate programme.
Other benefit is, for students who are under 18 years old or have not finished their final year studies, they can enrol to the Academic English and Degree Foundation studies at LSC’s Malaysian campus – Westminster International College, located in
Subang Jaya, Malaysia, which has already been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia as well as accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
Partial scholarship recipients can further their studies to postgraduate level at LSC and receive additional scholarship toward their Master programme. The tuition fee for one year Master Programme will then only cost 2,950 Pounds. (Price subject to terms and conditions,m and school’s policy at times of application)
Postgraduate Studies
LSC has many Master’s degree programmes in the field of Business, Finance and Information Technology. The postgraduate scholarship deducts 45{edf652f1998aecc4f1a74364e8ff1ee0c45918b055a9e8dccc813698d07c5000} of the tuition fee.
Thus the fees payable to the universities are:
MBA (Master of Business Administration) – is £3,950 (12 months) and is £4,450 (16 months)
The MBA programme is the biggest in Europe. LSC’s MBA programme has 4 specialisations in the field of General Management, Finance, International Business and Marketing thus giving students the opportunity to explore their interest.
MSc Information Technology£4,450
This programme provides specialist teaching in the latest computing trends and corporate strategies for incorporating Information Technology change. For those with relevant experience who perhaps lack academic computer qualifications, it offers an opportunity to develop key IT skills and explore the use of technology in a business context.
MSc Management Consultancy is £3,950
This programme equips practicing and aspirant consultants with the essential professional practitioner’s skills and thinking tools to enable them to manage the client interface process and identify and analyse social, ethical and environmental issues to formulate integral solutions to conventional and complex management problems.
MSc International Tourism Management is £3,950
This programme is designed to enable students to develop concepts and theories relating to International Tourism Management, stimulate critical thinking and the use of multi-disciplinary perspectives to transform management problems into opportunities.
MSc International Hospitality Management is £3,950
This programme is designed to enable students to develop concepts and theories relating to the strategic development of business in this growing field while linking creative thinking with the use of new media and technology.
MSc Accounting and Finance (conducted at LSC’s division of SBL) is £3,950
SBL, a division of LSC, has developed a programme that will integrate the professional accounting qualifications into an MSc in Accounting and Finance. This will enable part-qualified accountants who have passed the ACCA Fundamentals or hold a CIMA Advanced Diploma, the opportunity to further their studies and obtain an MSc Accounting and Finance, whilst at the same time receiving assistance in completing their professional exams with ACCA, CIMA or AIA.
Registration and Application
The following documents should be prepared to apply to LSC’s direct entry undergraduate programme:

  • Complete Application Form
  • Passport Copy (must be Indonesian national, or foreign student currently studying in Indonesia full time)
  • High School transcript/ IB Transcript/ A Level Transcript
  • Personal statement
  • IELTS/TOEFL results minimal of 6.0 with no component less than 5.5 (can be submitted in the later date if not available)
  • Two (2) recommendation letters from school or previous employer (if any)

The application process will take 5 – 7 days. Scholarship test and interview will be held in Jakarta at PT Multi Energi Selaras office. After receiving the offer letter, in 14 days time students should make a direct payment to the university. We will be providing guidance and service to help student with scholarship application and UK student visa application.
Applications open from January 2012
Deadline of June application: April 2, 2012
Deadline of October application: August 6, 2012
Deadline of April application: March 25, 2012
Deadline of August application: June 4, 2012
Because of the quota and a high level of interest, the application process will be conducted in a first come first serve basis, even if applying to the latest intake. All candidates will receive consultation and help during the process and will not be charged.
Scholarship test will be conducted at PT Multi Energi Selaras office at:
Wisma Sejahtera Suite 302
Jalan S Parman Kav 75
Slipi, Jakarta Barat
Indonesia Representative contact:
LSC International Admission Officer:
Studying in the UK especially in London is many students’ dreams, and London School of Commerce provides a way of achieving this dream with the partial scholarship given to excellent Indonesian students. Not only the best academic quality that LSC offers but also the real life experience that is priceless.

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