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MBA Scholarships, Brunel University, UK

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Six scholarships worth £6,000 are available for UK/EU and international applicants joining the Brunel MBA in January 2016. Each scholarship is discounted from the total course tuition fee, and this is referred to as a ‘fee waiver’.

Those awarded the MBA scholarship are then excluded from all other tuition fee discounts with the exception of the Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship and Prompt Payment Discount.

Please apply for the MBA programme in the usual way via the website, but you will also need to complete the application form for the MBA scholarship.

We cannot guarantee your application will be considered if it is received later than 30th November 2015.


To be eligible for consideration for a Brunel MBA Scholarship, you must:

  • Meet the entry criteria for admission to the Brunel MBA programme.
  • Complete the Brunel MBA scholarship application form
  • Submit an essay of no more than 500 words explaining why you would make a good ambassador for the Brunel MBA. You should describe how your academic study, professional experience and other activities merit the award.

If you are successful you will undertake specified duties as a Brunel MBA Ambassador, including representing the programme on all recruitment events, providing reports on each event, and writing a Brunel MBA Blog.


Preference will be given to those who specify an interest in undertaking one of the programme specialisations (Health Care Management and Aviation Management).

Conditions of Payment

  • The scheme is only available for those registering for the January 2016 intake.
  • Payments, discounts and fee waivers will only apply to students who have enrolled at the University

Withdrawal of scholarship

The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled us about any aspect of their eligibility, and we also have the right to seek repayment of any amount already paid to you by appropriate means.

If you transfer to a course of study outside the MBA programme, the scholarship will be withdrawn.

If you choose to withdraw from the MBA prior to completion of Term 1 you will not normally be requested to repay the scholarship; however, we reserve the right to charge tuition fees for the period between the start of the course and the date of withdrawal.

Fee waivers are applied at the start of the academic year and will not normally be amended once the fee waiver has been processed. Your remaining tuition fees after fee waivers are applied will be calculated in accordance with The Student Financial Policy.

In the case of withdrawal or abeyance the tuition fee and the fee waiver are calculated in accordance with The Student Financial Policy.

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