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11 PhD Scholarships in Political Ecology

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European Network for Political Ecology (ENTITLE) offers 11 generously funded three year PhD scholarship is available to candidates from anywhere in the world.

ENTITLE is an EU-funded Initial Training Network under Marie Curie actions of FP7, coordinated by ICTA in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (official website and official website) and with the collaboration of 11 research and NGO partners (Grant Agreement: 289 374 ).

ENTITLE will train 17 researchers in the emerging field of Political Ecology, giving them the skills of theoretical, analytical and complement each other that will keep them employed in jobs related to environmental policy analysis and advocacy. Research and training that is framed around five main cluster is concerned with the analysis: the conflict environment, the environmental movement, natural disasters, changes in work production and common property, and environmental justice and democracy. The study was based on a series of empirical investigation based on a series of diverse geographic and thematic case studies. The researchers of the network will collaborate to offer a theoretical and methodological framework for empirical research and will synthesize the results of individual cases in a series of published output. The study will be the actions and policies that culminated in a series of action-oriented and policy briefs targeting civil society organizations and policy makers.

The researchers selected for this program will be trained through an integrated curriculum of local networks and intensive courses on topics related to, a summer school with teachers of international caliber, apprentice to EJOs (environmental justice organizations) and public and private sectors through training and employment. Entitled to build on an ongoing collaboration in training among the participating institutions, manifested in a series of summer schools (www.environmentalconflicts.com). It brings together some of the world’s top scholars in political ecology and related approaches, and overcome the fragmentation of political ecology research that already exists in Europe, offers a critical mass of research and training. The researchers trained the network will be employed in academia, public administration and EJOs.

The successful applicant will be given three-year contract with salary, benefits mobility and additional funding for research related to cost. Includes the cost of living salary (€ 38,000 per year – / + correction factor for each country that can be checked on the website Marie Curie). This is a gross salary; net salary will be reduced after the deduction that would apply in the host country, such as taxes and social security. In addition, the researchers recruited will receive a mobility allowance (700 – 1000 euro per month, depending on the correction factors and family circumstances); in some countries may tax, in others not.

All applicants are expected to pursue a PhD at the host institute. While the applicant has been enrolled in the PhD program may apply (depending on the condition of mobility), in general preference will be given to applicants who will enroll in the PhD program of the host institution. Physical presence is a necessity, the researchers will be involved actively in the implementation of the program and the organization of training and dissemination activities. The researchers also will spend time perbantuan in a non-academic and the time to visit at any other university of the network. As part of the training program titled researchers selected will attend a series of local undergraduate program and a series of networks throughout the training program and summer school.

Level : Postgraduate

Provider : European Network for Political Ecology (ENTITLE)

Location : Spain

Application Deadline : April 20, 2012

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