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Richard Plaschka Scholarship, Austria

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Area of study or research:

  • Humanities and Theology
  • Historical Sciences, Linguistics and Literature Sciences

Detailed type of grant:

  • semester or one-year grant, research grant

Target Group:

  • postgraduates
  • PhD holders
  • researchers

Authority awarding grant:

  • OeAD-GmbH/ICM-Centre for International Cooperation & Mobility on behalf of and funded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF)


  • 4 to 9 months


  • Maximum of 7 new awards per academic year! In case of successful research activities the scholarship can, on request, be renewed (total duration 18 months).

Grant benefit paid:

  1. Monthly grant
    a) grant: 1040 EUR
    b) book allowance: 93 EUR
  2. Accident and health insurance, accommodation
    a) If necessary, the ÖAD will take out an accident and health insurance on behalf of the grant recipient.
    b) The OeAD-GmbH will endeavour to provide accommodation (student hall of residence or flat) for recipients of grants who wish to get accommodation arranged by the OeAD. Monthly costs: 220 EUR to 470 EUR (depending on how much comfort the recipients of grants want). An administration fee of 18 EUR per month is payable to the ÖAD for arranging accommodation.
    The costs for insurance and accommodation have to be paid out of the grant by the recipient of the grant.
  3. Recipients of grants are exempted from paying tuition fees.
  4. Recipients of grants from non-European developing countries will also receive a travel costs subsidy of up to 730 EUR maximum.

Closing date for applications:

  • 01. 03. 2011

Where to submit your application:

  • New applicants:
    online at
  • Applications for renewals:
    Centre for International Cooperation & Mobility (ICM)
    of the OeAD-GmbH
    A-1090 Wien, Alser Straße 4/1/14/1
    Tel.: 01/4277-28189
    Fax: 01/4277-28194

Application form:

  • at


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