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PhD Scholarship at Graduate School of the Faculty of Arts and Social SciencMaastricht Universityes (FASoS) of

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Our PhD Programme focuses primarily on offering you education, training and supervision to enable you to become an excellent researcher. The emphasis is on the acquisition of research skills, intensive supervision and collaboration with other PhD candidates and senior staff inside and outside the Faculty. There will be room for other activities, such as teaching or organising a conference. You will have the opportunity to develop a broad range of academic skills.

Training and education
Training and education consists of the following elements:

  • An orientation course introduces you to the university, the faculty, the teaching system, the staff and of course your fellow PhD candidates;
  • A training programme offered by one of the national graduate schools enables you to acquire research skills and specific knowledge in your field of research (see below);

  • An additional training programme focuses on general research skills, e.g. academic writing, insight into academic life, English and publishing;
  • Intensive supervision;
  • Discussion with and feedback from other PhD candidates and senior staff both inside and outside the faculty by presenting your work in seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • Participation in the faculty’s seminar series.

National graduate school
You participate in a national training programme which is offered by a national graduate school. These national schools focus on a specific theme and bring together all PhD candidates and senior researchers working in this theme. The Faculty participates in four national graduate research schools: the Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC), the Huizinga Institute of Cultural History, the Graduate School for Literary Studies (OSL) and the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG).

Career opportunities
The purpose of the PhD Programme is to prepare you for a wide range of jobs. Recent PhD graduates from our faculty have found positions at as researcher at a university or research institute, policy advisor, staff member in a museum or consultant.


Degree requirements
The key to success for any PhD candidate is an academic attitude and the ambition to become an excellent researcher. In addition, you should have the relevant educational background and skills required by a researcher in the specific field you have chosen. You have completed a research master (MPhil) or an equivalent degree. In some cases, applicants may be required to acquire additional qualifications, for example by entering the second year of our two research masters European Studies or CAST. Students with a regular master will only be accepted in exceptional cases. Each application will be assessed by the selection committee.

How to apply
You can apply by submitting a research proposal following this format. Your ideas should be in line with the research themes which you can find on this website. Our research suggestions may inspire you. A complete application consists of a research proposal, a CV and a list of marks of both bachelor and master studies.

You have to submit your application not later than Wednesday 23 March. Please use the submission form to upload your proposal.

Procedure and planning
The time path is as follows:

  • Not later than Wednesday 23 March 2011: submit your application;
  • Thursday 19 May 2011: a selection of applicants will be invited to come to Maastricht to present the proposal for a selection committee;
  • Before 1 June 2010: the selection committee will reach a decision. Selection will be based on the CV and skills of the candidate, the quality of the proposal and the presentation;
  • Between 1 September 2011 and 1 January 2012: start of the project.
  • There are six positions available.

    Alternative opportunities
    The faculty regularly offers a number of PhD positions from its own budget. In addition, PhD places may be funded through projects supported by for example the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) or European funding bodies.

    Another option is to become involved in our pogramme as an external PhD. To take up an external PhD you will have to find the necessary funding yourself. For more information, contact the programme officer

    Application Deadline : 23 March 2011

    Visit official website.

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